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West Indian (Florida) Manatee

The West Indian Manatee, also known as the Florida Manatee is an endangered species listed under both the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. U.S. Manatees are found mainly in Florida and in southeastern Georgia. It is believed that sailors at sea for long journeys mistook Manatee for mermaids. Manatee's bones are heavy and solid which allow them to easily stay underwater. About 25% of identified Manatee deaths occur due to collisions with boats. Florida Manatees can live as long as 60 years. Grown Manatee average around 10 feet in length and weigh around 2,200 pounds, but they can reach 15 feet and weigh as much as 3,500 pounds. A 2001, 2 day aerial survey counted 3,276 animals. Manatee eat about 10% of their weight in vegetation every day and are sometime called sea cows. In 2001 a 50 million year old skeleton was found, in Jamaica, of an ancestor of the current Manatees.

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Florida Manatee

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